My Art school training began at Birmingham college of art and design and then Norwich School of Art,fine art painting under the tutelage of Edward Middleditch.
While living in North Norfolk and working in a studio the chance came to run a gallery and I spent many years supporting other painters, print makers,
ceramicists and jewellers ,buying and exhibiting their work.
Moving to the west country and starting another gallery meant meeting and working with many new artists.A privilege being surrounded with art for so many years ,absorbing the different styles and colours they have no doubt been an influence on my own work. 
My love of the Cornish coast and the beauty of this rural area moves me  to express something of that in painting . And so for the past years I have worked on both . 
I begin my paintings with pen and ink sketches whilst perched on various different rocky cliffs looking out to sea ,or in the orchards, hill forts and marshlands of Somerset. Then working these sketches into larger and more detailed works in order to be clear in my mind about tone and colour.
I bring my past use of silk paint and pastel into play here and allow myself freedom of expression which the inks and pastel afford.Surrounding myself with these works and then using a gessoed plywood board I begin with oil mixed with turpentine to mark out the basic tone and continue using knife and brush. Knife work seems to suit my fairly expressive style.
I love the mineral connection between the paint and rock, the history and geology behind them. Nature has plenty of time to form these beautiful substances and I become aware of this spending time in these places.
I hope you enjoy the work.