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A Full English Summer

A caravan,carbon pencils,inks,waterfalls, moors, wooded valleys , rivers and the sea....

A trip to North Exmoor coast involving daily walks and stopping for sketching and tea drinking was intoxicating at times. The wildness or the combination of areas left to wilderness and fabulous cafes is a heady mixture.

So this is where we went and what we sketched.....



Having parked at Coombe Park N.T.we took a path leading down a valley of deciduous trees.

Shaded by their canopy we could hear the rushing water and catching glimpses of sparkling white through the greens of the trees we reached the bridge which spanned

the river.

A large granite rock overhanging the iron rich waters provided enough space to perch precariously to sketch the waterfall. Concentration, roaring water and cool shade

Tea break and cake in the warm sun on the cafe lawns is welcome .

Another fall after the junction of two rivers.

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