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Recalling Watergate Bay

From a journal entry, 30th June 2016:

"It's no exaggeration to say that the sunset we saw tonight was the most spectacular I've ever seen.

Walking towards the coast path the barley field on the left was waving in the breeze. Beyond it ,two promontories arise reaching far out into the pale blue sea...the sun had a little way to fall. It was spreading a light over the steady waves which spanned the width of the bay at least 250 feet below. The wind, blowing offshore was whipping the tops from the breaking waves (to four feet above the surface I am told by two passing surfers who had just come off them. One of them looked to be brimming with health and youth, the other was dad).

As the sun went down it became a molten gold creating stunning patterns across the surface of the water. A huge pool of mirror like water spread across the flawless sand - reflected was the soft blue and pink of the sky but, momentarily caught, a sudden flash of gold rippled across the surface.

All the time the promontory, in deep silhouette, fell into the sea and the rocks at the foot of the cliff, in the sea and on the sand, created rock pools which also caught the golden light.

We continued along the coastal path with the honeysuckle wafting its heady scent and the full moon appearing ready for the night. What a show. Heaven on Earth."

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